Hudba bez hranic, z.s.

Hudba bez hranic, z.s.

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About the society

The registered society Hudba bez hranic, z.s. has arisen according to the legal adjustment by the transformation of the civil association Hudba bez hranic, o.s. and is administered in the societal index at the Regional court in Pilsen (unit L, inset 5378). The formal adjustment hasn't however changed anything on our intentions. The original association "Hudba bez hranic, o.s." (Music without Borders) originated in June 2009 in effort of us, several enthusiasts. We think that good music belongs not only to big cities but it should find its way even to appreciative audiences in little towns, townlets, townships, municipalities and villages in our republic. We try to prepare concert opportunities for beginning young artists and we also use our contacts to co-operate with artists from abroad. We also try to develop contacts with artists from other branches beyond music to be able to broaden our "supply" and combine it with musical projects. Everyone of us has experience and contacts in activities related to various cultural projects. We work or co-operate in the long term on concert, concert festival and vernissage organisation, on work with children and we have experience with management of young outstanding soloists which have already been working (or are going to work) at the professional level and which need experienced and flexible support at the personal level.

We decided to bring together our experience and longtime individual practice in the common work for the association to help bring forth interesting cultural projects even to the places which are hardly visible on the map. We also invited specialists in tax and accounting questions to our ranks. Whoever filled out dotation or grant request in their life certainly isn't surprised by our decision now...

Our thanks go also to an outstanding Czech vocalist Gabriela Pechmannová for supporting our association and for her practical and funded remarks as well as for contribution to our activities.

Let's wish that our activities wouldn't ever be rejected by sponsors which are always needed for good cultural projects and which are to be persuaded by our work, that investments in art are necessary not only concerning famous stars but especially in the beginning of the career when the young artist needs our support the most.

Let's wish for our work to be utmost successful and for the beautiful artistic experiences to accompany the content audience on their way home and to inspire them to one important thought: "Next time I will come again."